Documentation; 04/05/14


I went to Penarth two days ago, it was bittersweet; my connections to the place have grown and shifted, blessing me with a greater ability to reflect and ruminate on my spiritual well-being. As I sat on the beach and observed the water, I noticed the sky was grey, but it wasn’t cold, it was calmingly brisk. The sun wasn’t out, but that didn’t matter.


As I collected the last of my stones needed for my piece, I thought about the connections within my past with Penarth beach, and how it reminded me of a simpler, more enjoyed time. The meditations that were practised on that beach has really aided me in getting my mind back on track, back on form, after the stress that i’ve endured this past year. I will return to Penarth, of course, but it will be for relaxation, rather than work.


I finally finished my ‘space’ today, and even though I felt a great deal of resolution, This also came with it’s own frustrations; originally, I planned to set up both the ‘Shrine’ and the ‘Enso sculpture’ within the gallery space downstairs. There was an intention to have these two pieces facing one another; one Corporeal, one Spiritual, the tension of their impasse resonating around the space in which they reside. The design went as shown;


Each sculpture denotes a feeling. The ‘Shrine’ denotes my fascination with Symbolism; my perceptions of space, materiality, the connection between objects that come into contact with one another through cause and effect…Whereas the Circles are a more personal manifestation; an aspect of inner contemplation, couple with an attempt to recreate the great epiphany I felt whilst walking down Penarth all those weeks ago. I do wish I had gotten a chance to display these pieces appropriately in the gallery area, but alas, I was unable to.

DSC_1205 DSC_1206

I also wanted to paint a collection of more ‘refined’ Enso, utilising handmade paper to achieve a more rustic and aesthetically pleasing effect. I experimented with both a ‘four piece’ enso, as well as a collection of four drawings of Enso, each with their own positives and negatives. I did like the ‘four’, but felt that the divide drawing was much more powerful, the tension present between the singularity of the circle, and the divided pieces of paper holds a really powerful effect; I Intend to have this painting situated somewhere in relation to the ‘circles’, more than likely on the wall behind it, if I were to ever place these pieces within a gallery.

DSC_1213 DSC_1215


DSC_1218 DSC_1216


As you can see, for a simple piece, there is something about the materiality of the piece that causes a spiritual emotion to be evoked in the viewer. Again, there are connotations of  paganism within the work, as the circles are quite ‘druid-like’ in both appearance and concept, yet borrowing heavily from buddhist beliefs with the Enso motif utilised. It’s interesting, as it did not come out how I originally believed it would, but I still think that it is successful as a piece; despite not following some concepts I originally held, becoming three circles instead of the original one.


I then crafted a pillow out of some canvas and sheeting I had found, in order to prompt viewers to sit down within the spaces; the ramshackle design of the pillow is very particular of my crafting style, as well as blending in well with the overall white colour of the piece. It’s interesting in relation to the Shrine I have made, as the gemoetry continues through both pieces, but each seem to have a spiritual context, despite each being made from stones and wood/metal respectively. I think there is a lot of evolution that this piece could undertake, and I believe it will continue to develop as I work and ruminate upon it, but for now, it is successful as a reflection of my fluctuating thoughts.


Residing in the space


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