Possible Final Piece; ‘Reflection Pool’

I have been pondering what it is exactly that interests me about the ‘space’ I am trying so vehemently to create, and I believe that it is, in fact, a recreation; a space for inner-spirituality to flourish and bloom. I have been considering the possibility of a ‘reflection pool‘ as a symbol of this, again reusing the circle motif that I recreate over and over again, and the delicate, yet almighty connections between water and the earth.


An example of the reflections that I want to capture

When one looks into water, they often see a reflection of themselves, and this is where the symbolism of the piece lies. The pool ‘reflects’ whatever it can see,Β and so when we peer into it, we see a reflection of ourselves. Much like mirrors, we observe and change ourselves to better suit how we perceive ourselves. It allows us to look at ourselves, but the pool does something different, the earth seemingly shows us ourselves; it prompts a response from us.

DSC_1202 DSC_1203

Some sketches of how I’d want the pool to appear

The pool would have to resemble some form of rock pool, it would only work if this symbolism was intact within the work. The clusters of rocks surrounding the pool, and their types, would need to be considered; would I choose welsh slate for it’s connections to my heritage? Or to the rocks that surrounded the rock pools down Porthcawl, somewhere I would frequent every summer with my grandparents, a fond memory? Or would they be stones from Penarth, my spiritual getaway? Either way, they would be as important as the means of reflection. I believe that I could create the pool with a form of water, possibly with an element mixed in that would aid the reflection, prompt it to be cloudy and misty, possibly evoking a feeling of misunderstanding within the viewer? It may enclose an idea of fear and wonder at their own inner sanctity.

This is a very interesting concept; I may take it further in due time, but at this moment, I will keep working on my stone circles; they seem more primitive, more instinctive to my cause. Something primal draws me to them.


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