Throwback; Constellation Lecture – Week 3

Throwback; Constellation Lecture - Week 3

I must admit, during the Autumn term, I felt like I did not connect with the constellation side of the university course. This may be because of the lack of fluidity between the constellation lectures in Llandaff, and my normal working hours spent in Howard Gardens; which caused an obvious rift between these two aspects of my course. However I feel this will change next year when we relocate to Llandaff, allowing mor emomentum between the different modules of the course.

Anyway, onto the lecture; This lecture focused on ‘Making’ in the vein of ‘Arts & craft’, it brought a lot of interesting information into the foray, but I felt like the only real information I gleaned from it was the works of William Morris, who many regard as the founder of ‘Art & Design’. His intricate designs and patterns are fascinating, as was his enduring passion for art to be something that the masses were meant to enjoy; rather than a select few, as it had been for thousands of years. I enjoyed the discussion on this titular figure and his philosophies, but am not quite sure how it fits in with my current working process, but it may do in the future.


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