Throwback; Constellation Lecture – Meaning (Cath)

Throwback; Constellation Lecture - Meaning (Cath)

An interesting lecture to say the least; At first Cath began to discuss her outline for the lecture and I felt that I wouldn’t enjoy it; but this soon changed into a great deal of fascination with what she had to say about what I perceived to be an incredibly simple subject matter, the ‘Dr. Marten boot’.

Throughout the lecture, the tutor discussed the evolution that the ‘boot’ took throughout various social and cultural changes, from it’s early place as the workman’s boot, onto the skinhead and punk cultures. These were all seen as rather masculine groups, primarily focused with manual labour and aggression respectively, and reinforced the harsh, robust design of the clothing item. Interestingly, she then went on to discuss the shift from masculinity to femininity that the boot took; primarily driven by both Morrissey, who has been considered one of the most important culture icons in bringing femininity into men’s fashion, as well as the rather masculine fashion styles that female punks often expressed themselves in.

An interesting lecture, and it certainly reignited my passion for the smiths; but wasn’t any more relevant to my work than the previous one.


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