Documentation; 23/04/14


I visited Penarth again yesterday, scoured the beach for some more white stones, and then sat down and stared out at the sea for an hour or so. I had no need to create art, no drive to draw or paint, I interacted with that moment enough by simply sitting and observing. The project has now shifted onto my reflections on this beach, but it’s now the escape from the city rather than the city itself that I am focusing on, the reprieve it allows me from my usual taxing life; it’s nothing short of a gift,


I returned to University today, I thought that I may as well go in and work on the pallet that I have been avoiding for a while, and finally came to a fruition on it. I assembled the pieces of the object into a series of sculptures, something that I would like to exhibit alongside my  more natural ‘Enso’ circles piece, as the differentiation between the two opposing forces is something of great interest to me; the connections between my own joy within the city, as well as my spiritual rest at Penarth, as well as the aspects of each one being a place of self reflection and thought is fascinating.


The Cube


The Bundle


The Sun


The trinity of objects are interesting when together; they seem to have an affinity for one another despite not appearing to be joined in any way at present. Of course, they were all part of the same entity at one point, and therefore they are ‘shards’ of said object, granting them that connection. I also find it interesting how the weathering has caused the ‘cube’ to become grey, further enhancing this motif of connection.


Another attempt at changing the placement of the objects, although it resembles a human, I don’t believe this works well enough for my current vision of the piece.


A more interesting take on the object, it has now become reminiscent of a shrine, and I like this quite a lot. I’ve been fascinated with shrines for a long time now, and the place of religion and spirituality within one’s life, but this seems like a very interesting arrangement, and plays on the ideas of self reflection that I am so vehemently embracing at this particular point in time. I will continue to play around with this arrangement, It could use some refinement.


My favourite of the three sculptures, ‘The Cold Sun’ is a very fascinating object indeed, the amalgamation of steel to create the circle, which as you can plainly see is not perfect, is very fascinating to me. The sun is a continuing interest of mine, especially it’s connections to worship and the idea of an ‘allfather’, and this piece continues the circle motif of the enso paintings and the cycle of reincarnation and rebirth. There is something haunting about the object, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.


The Bundle is interesting as well, but i do not feel the same excitement for it that I do for the ‘sun’. However, it reminds me of a bundle of sticks, and this connotation to fire and wood is interesting for the material that it actually consists of; steel.


The Cube is a very interesting object, as the X shape on each wooden board begins to mess around with the sight of those viewing it, creating an interesting optical illusion of an ongoing pattern. The other side of the cube is also equally as interesting, as it has areas of wood which have not been weathered ye, creating an interesting differentiation of colour.


Detail of ‘The Cold Sun’


I have also been collecting more stones from Penarth in order to keep crafting my ‘spiritual circles’, and seem to be coming to an actual development of the idea. I propose to have two or three circles surrounding the space, with a stone broken in the middle of this space. the stone symbolises the realisations I came to on my spiritual walk, and the resulting release of emotions and burdens that I then felt. I will have more pictures up soon.

DSC_1178   DSC_1181

Within the circle, I feel more protected.


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