Documentation; 17/04/14 BONUS – Ethan’s Escapades Editions

Over the beginning of this week, I began to go out of my way to exercise and get back into cycling, as well as diving back into the art of walking; of which I have a great affinity for, because of my continuing walks with my Grandfather whilst I was still a young boy. These walks were to the same destination; but were very different journeys.


The first walk was one that I took with a large following, my group of friends decided to skate/cycle down to  Castell Coch after not being there for a year or two. The journey was a lengthy one, considering the differing modes of travel and some being less active than others, but it was incredibly enjoyable. However, the true shine of these journeys were the specific sights that I saw; the first being the roots of this upturned tree. Spiked, but not entirely angular, the tree resembles the image of ‘light exploding or being sucked into a singular point’. It really is a beautiful object, I actually am entranced by this object and spent a while sitting here and watching it whilst we all had a break, only being oulled out of my rumination by my friends informing me we were leaving.

DSC_1128 DSC_1129

The second thing to take my interest was this old pumping station, which had a section of gridding outside. Under this was a torrent of water, and the illusion of looking down made me feel as if I were floating above the water; of course, filling me with an acute sense of dread, one that I hadn’t quite experienced before. The sounds of the space were also incredibly interesting; I could hear the rushing of the water, and the echoes of this reverberated into my ears; but not before dissapitating slightly within the air surrounding me.


The second journey was a much quicker and more ‘beautiful’ one, the weather remained sunny without the patches of cloudiness that plagued the day beforehand. Here was the first sight of the day, and it was a really striking one. I almost missed it however, and only through the sheer luck of turning to my left and then retracing my steps briefly. The reflection accentuates the space, the aspects of dualities also come into play; water and air, light and shadow, the beauty of nature spreading into the harsh, man-made aspects of the world etc. It really interested me, reminding me of ‘Lowlands’ by Susan Philipsz, purely as these reflections of water were what my mind envisioned when I listened to the audio recording of the piece.

DSC_1135 DSC_1136 DSC_1137 DSC_1138 DSC_1139 DSC_1140 DSC_1141

Instead of going to the aforementioned Castell Coch, me and my two companions actually decided to take a diversion at the bottom of the hill; taking our bikes up a steep dirt path at the beginning of the hill up to the Castle; and fell upon an area which can only be described as being out of a ‘fantasy novel’ (credits to my friend Ben, I described the forest as ‘Elven’, which I think is more fitting of the trees, but not of the entirety of the aura of the area). It was peaceful, almost magical, as we sat and talked to each other whilst listening to the sounds of the winds through the trees, only interjected by the delicate echoes of the passersby down the side of the valleys. It was fascinating to speak with my two friends, one aspires to be a physicist, whereas the other is a firm advocate of Catholicism (despite not being one who forces it upon others, he remains steadfast in his beliefs, but is not open to science and discussions of religion’s place in this modern world, which I also believe has a place). We discussed everything from Life and Death, to the singularity and clarity of the moment, to the concepts of miracles, and the concepts of the universe and out placement within. I often discuss such things with my friends, often going out of our way to discuss these things over more prominent or closer issues at hand, such as relationship issues and our day to day plights; this gives us some form of complacency, as we humble and repress our egotistical issues with the sheer immensity of the universe.

I will endeavour to journey more.


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