Rumination; 17/04/14

I’m having a lot of trouble with regaining interest for this project, I feel like I am working a slow trudge to a pointless outcome; there doesn’t seem to be any merit to what I am working on at the moment, and this bothers me to a great deal. I am struggling with pushing the subject matter of my sculptures further, and seem to have reached a head with the ‘wooden’ objects, as if everything I am beginning to create is losing quality after the large ‘Cage’ I created a few weeks ago.

I have come to find interest in Stone as a material though, the stories of rocks far surpass those of trees and of metal, as the former has been around a far lesser time that the stones, and the latter has been suspended/buried within the stone. The stone as an object breaks down and travels around the world; it seems to be filled with so much more, I think I will try to experiment with stones, but in relation to cities.


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