Documentation; 08/04/14

 I have been terrible at my continuing my work at the moment, I seem to have lacked inspiration and have been removed from the studios during this time. However, I am endeavouring to work on what I can, where I can, in order to kick myself back into the routine of crafting art. Here is something that I created by accident; from the previous ‘nests’ that I created, the petals of the now dead blossoms on the twigs fell into the plaster/emulsion mix I was experimenting with, and once I removed it; it resembled this structure seen below;


The beauty of this piece relies in it’s minuscule nature, but I was inspired by the way that the form seemed like an amalgamation of discarded and broken objects; much like the previous sculptures I have made with broken crates; the scattered fragments coagulated into some mutated form. I then found another crate, and began to experiment with what I could do with it;


So of course, I broke it into pieces, and then reassembled these pieces in ways that I felt would evoke a response in the viewer; The first one is the most obvious, but was originally crafted from triangles that I created with the  splintered wood, based on sketches I have begun to draw of geometric shapes and forms; more than likely influenced by my crate sculptures.


The second objects I created were something a bit more interesting though; as objects they exude a sense of space even when they do not enclose a space, so to speak. they themselves remind me of some minimalistic sculptures; more Carl Andre’s ‘Last Ladder’ than anything else, but this is what interests me most about the object; the wooden blocks that I broke and reassembled were just as, if not more, interesting than what I have crafted with them; it’s as if I have mutated the potential inherent within the organic material into something else.


Detail of space


What causes this connection between the spaces to amalgamate? Is it the connection between the materials and the materiality of it?


I have also ‘acquired’ an object that I have had my eye son for a great while now, something that is beautiful inherently. The structural properties of the object, the way the light bends through the object, the materials used, the way it has been weathered by the elements; I could go on and on, I almost don’t want to objectify it, as it in itself is a beautiful object. I am currently working on a variety of ways in which I can edit and change it to suit my better needs, possibly the act of dissolving the form by taking it apart, and then realigning it in some other way/ in some other form, would be the most effective. Would it need whitening then? I would have disguised the original function, and shaped it into another form to accentuate the beauty of it, to bring it into the social conciousness as a work of art, and not what it was originally intended to do.


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