Documentation 26/03/14

The project continues to develop, and my own personal forays into the ‘alabaster structures’ appear to be coming together in some strange, connected way. I am further experimenting with the materials in a a number of ways, and have begun to think about the possibility of destroying the crates, and reassembling them in one more form. Here, I attached two painted crates together, and then began to ruminate on how I would shape it through an action.


Simply, and effectively, I picked up the structure and struck it to the floor. Of course, it smashed, but the basic shape remained within the object. Interestingly, it even mutated the form into something that I could not have envisioned before, but was incredibly happy with the accidental nature of it. This aspect of whitening the object…what does it mean? And why am I so drawn to it?

DSC_1077  DSC_1078

It reminds me of bones, some form of skeleton that is not inherently human, but seems to carry the entropy of human interaction. OF course, it is a man-made object, that I have then acquired and manipulated in a number of ways. Does it still carry my essence, or the essence of those before me? I’m not sure, but I must keep ruminating on these structures.


The remaining pieces of the structure have been reassembled into a strange, alien form.Through a process of amalgamating the shards of the boxes, I have passed the ‘essence’ of the crates through into another form, and a very interesting one at that. I believe I will utilise both the damaged crates and the coagulated form together, to view the connections between the dissolving and reforming of an object.

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