Field; Collaboration Presentation Reflection


The module is over, and it’s quite bittersweet. Although there have been many struggles and issues throughout the project, especially at the beginning as we struggled with; our concept, the issue of team members not showing up for classes, as well as creative differences getting in the way, I bleieve that we have been successful as a group in our creation of a concept for Sensory deprivation and overload within the city, as well as crafting a detailed and interesting proposal, that hopefully garnered the attention and interest of our fellow classmates. I believe that if it wasn’t for Laura’s ongoing motivational speeches and unwavering happiness we would have fallen into a pit of unknowing.

Of course, she is not the only one who helped achieve our project; Ruby’s overcoming of her own anxieties with public speaking and the rest of the group’s ways of working (as she studies Graphic Design, and the creative process for this subject is completely different to Fine Art, Illustration, A.D.M and Ceramics that the rest of us studied), which allowed her to contribute a great deal of research to the project on spaces, and the aspects of anechoic chambers (an incredibly important part of the process). I also believe that Rhys’s creation of the concept for Sensory Deprivation was also pivotal to our success as a group, as well as his quite realistic gripes with our concept, giving constructive criticism where we needed it. This role also extended To Sam’s Contributions to the gorup, as well as his own technical knowledge of sound manipulaiton and creation, which was the most important, and most effective, part of the entire presentation; cited by the majority of the class that the sound pieces he created for it giving real dimension to the presentation, as well as Laura’s magnificent mock-up of the final creation.

I feel that I contributed more conceptually than others, but I know that sounds like the perfect excuse for creating no work for the project. I think that without me and laura’s contributions to the project, as well as the aspects of time management and ‘herding the cats’ of our group. I do feel like The only thing I brought to the group was concepts and the aspect of honing that concept, but I believe that’s what I, as a fine artist, am talented in.


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