Sculpture side Project: Update & Documentation 25/02/14


‘Swamp’, Phyllida Barlow 2010

At the moment, I am also partaking in a side-project within my course on Monday afternoons; a project about Sculpture. Of course, i’ve been crafting sculptures for a while within my artistic career, but through a conversation with my tutor Hywel, a window into the intricacies of the world of Sculpture have been opened up to me; theories of abstraction, of materials and the placement and location of a sculpture being as necessary to it’s success as the sculpture itself. There are 8 Important factors when concerning a Sculpture;

Space – Where it is placed, How it relates to the space? and vice-versa.

Volume – How dense is it? How large is it overall within it’s space?

Weight – How heavy is it? Does it hang? can we perceive the weight, and is it an important part of the piece?

Time – How long does it take for us, as humans, to move around it?

Scale – In relation to our own bodies.

Obstruction – Does it cause us to make a diversion? Does it obstruct sight or movement?

Presence – How does it make us feel? How do we connect with this object?

Memory – What lasting effect does it have on us? Does it trigger anything within our memories?

There are such differences in what I initially perceived Sculpture to be, and what I understand of it now, and I know there is still an awful lot for me to learn about this subject, which is why I intend to dive into it headfirst.

In the first week, we were tasked with ‘Challenging a Space’, changing how we, as humans, interacted with it; through obstruction, diversion, or any form of surrealism and distortion we could think up. I chose my Bed within my room as my ‘test subject’, and began to perceive it as an elongated shape, much like a box. I then hung both my bed sheets and my duvet off of a ‘Web’, and turned my bed into a Cave (more like a tunnel), that could only be accessed from the bottom of itself. A successful experiment, I thought to myself, as seen in the images below.

IMGP0604 IMGP0605 IMGP0606 IMGP0607 IMGP0608

(A rather distorted Sarah sits within the ‘Den’. Creepy)


After this initial week, we were then tasked with finding a space within the city, one which we could call out ‘own’ and coming to complete terms with it; drawing, mapping, photographing etc. Until we could perceive the space with our eyes closed. I took off with firm vigor, and attempted to find a space that I connected with. At first, I found this abandoned house, and although I could not get inside of it, I felt a strange connection with it. After further speculation though, the allure of this abandoned house was very different than the feeling of a city, and I have left it to be explored another day.

DSC_0872 DSC_0874 DSC_0875 DSC_0876

I then wandered around Cardiff for another hour until I came across this bridge near Bute town, and felt a fascination with it. It lies under the track that guides the Queen street – Cardiff Bay train, and through either side you can see the two different areas of Butetown; one is renovated, clean, and shows an area that seems to be aiming for a more developed theme. The other side, however, is far more ‘Run-down’ and ‘Rough’, and this duality separated by a single track is VERY interesting. Although the tunnel itself MAY not be the space I am looking for, this aspect of ‘different sides of the track’ does in fact interest me a great deal.

DSC_0882 DSC_0881 DSC_0880 DSC_0879 DSC_0878

Today, I experimented with a form of sculpture that captured a ‘Space’, after reading up on a previous concept I had held for my ‘Cocoon’ project (see here; In which I wanted to attach the cocoons to the inside of structures made from dismantled and then reassembled furniture (a door was the most common object that I thought of, as my room was my spiritual space at the time). I then thought about the creation of a box-like structure, that is painted white and allows only a brief amount of light in; crafting a space in which the viewer can only see, but not be a part of; an isolated area. I will paint this space as soon as I can, in order to test out my theory.


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