Documentation; 17/02/14


I have begun my experiments into an ‘Eden’ with this rather crude model of  an ‘Enclosed space’, it’s more of a 3-D sketch of what I intend to do, and is nothing more than that. But, alas, I did not have much time yesterday in order to go in and create something that fits the concept more. However, I am currently undertaking a 4 week course in Sculpture and the exploration of both the Sculpture, and the space in which it is placed, and this should theoretically aid me in my creation of an ‘Eden’.

IMGP0589 IMGP0587

Me and a group of fellow students were also treated to a brief foray into the studio of James Green, one of our tutors at the University. Here, we saw his developing work and the vast collection of ‘masks’ that he has created through his recent artistic career. It was fascinating to view, and was definitely a window both into the mind of James, and his artistic process. I stand by my thoughts of a studio being a reflection of the artist’s mind far more now, and it seems that my own studio may end up being a reflection of myself.

I also have developed my alchemy project a lot, especially the ritualistic circles I used within my experiments, and with a few adjustments, I have finalised a concept for a final piece for an upcoming exhibition with ‘The Modern Alchemists’.

IMGP0592 IMGP0594 IMGP0595 IMGP0596 IMGP0597 IMGP0599 IMGP0600


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