The ‘Eden Series’

A concept I have played around for years with is the idea of an ‘Eden’; a small ecosystem within a glass vitrine, blocked off from the world surrounding it. The basic concept is this, but there would always be a different aspect to the ‘Edens’, something off about the ecosystem; a cracked and broken tree, an ecosystem that has the earth salted and removed of nutrients so that the Eden slowly dies, all the animals are dead, but the plants are alive, or all the plants are fake etc.

2014-02-14 18.11.05

A page detailing a simplistic ‘Eden’; a Tree within an airtight container, causing it to ‘suffocate’

There’s something about the Eden series that relates to this project, and I believe it’s the fact that trees are often planted in the middle of cities to add some ‘Greenery’, if that’s even the word, to the man-made spaces. They are very often spaced out, and often isolated within a main street, especially here in Cardiff.

I will Continue to experiment.


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