‘Isolation’ An experiment into disposable photography

2014-02-12 02.30.52

Here is a series of 22 images, taken from a disposable camera I  bought and took out with me on an excursion around the city (mainly because of the massive inspiration I drew from the ‘East of Eden series’ I just posted), attempting to grasp images of sights and people I perceived to be ‘alone’. An awful lot of them came out blurry (as most disposable footage does), but within this I found a rather interesting outlook on the concept; this aspect of blurring, much like the fog or a ‘cloud of unknowing’, engulfs the images, including the people within, and ensures that they appear as some form of projection of my opinions on these people.

2014-02-12 02.41.07

I have selected a few images as my favourites, either because they are interesting to look at, or orchestrate my theme well. This first image shows a man sitting in my old workplace, he would come in everyday at around 3:30, and stay for around an hour or so. He is a very intelligent and polite man, and I would often talk to him when I would work as my shifts started at 4. I waved and said hello this time too and he seemed happy to see me, I wonder about what his life entails, and what he does other than visit that place. I feel like I want to do something to help, but I cannot.

2014-02-12 02.42.58

The second image showcases another old man sitting on the benches within St.David’s 2, I find that an awful lot of old men congregate in this shopping complex and spend their time sitting, people watching. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, I even partake in it myself, but an old man sitting alone seems to pull on a heart-string somewhere within me, and seems to be a perfect example of an isolated soul within a city. Maybe I feel so related to this concept because I myself fear such a fate, loneliness is something that kills me, and something that I hate.

2014-02-12 02.42.46

The contrast of the lights in such a cloudy photograph is very touching, almost nostalgic, but I am not sure why. It seems like the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, but is an artificial light, not something that warms or provides sustenance for growth, but rather, a crude representation of the life giving properties of the light of the Sun. I suppose such things can be said for the city, and the fact that in contrast to the vast geological formations that nature has crafted, it’s more of a bastardisation than an innovation.

2014-02-12 02.43.42

Another example of the aspect of artificial light against the light of the sun, we can see the darkness of the earth against the light of the sky. The cityscape here, even though it is just a view of a bridge, is dark and shadowed. The cloudy aspect really adds to the image here as well, but I think I need more time to experiment with this technique of photography.


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