Field Collaboration Day 2 – Thematic honing

Field Collaboration Day 2 - Thematic honing

As we worked through our ideas on Tuesday, we attempted to hone in on a theme that embraced all of our concepts within one, or at least, we could all show interest in and work towards. Through a process of selection, we narrowed our favoured theme to that of Laura’s project; ‘Intimacy, how we, as humans, interact with objects (ie the city)’. This sparked a thought in Rhys’ head, and he began to talk to us about the concepts of sensory deprivation, and how when within a city, a human being seems to lose aspects of their own identity in order to ‘merge’ with the city, albeit sub-consciously or consciously.

I thought back to a lecture we had received last term, and one artist’s fascination with how humanity began to lose it’s own identity during the industrial revolution, becoming nothing more than a ‘cog in the machine’. Of course, this act of depriving the human being of what it is to be a human being causes a massive amount of stress on them, and causes the widespread depression that smothers the city like an intense fog. I am also incredibly interested with the concept of ‘Sensory Overload’ within a city, being the opposite of deprivation, but equally damaging to the state of a human being. If one was to be put in a darkened room and repeatedly flashed with a bright light, then surely either their eyes or mind would be permanently damaged , and I presume that the recurring hustle and chaos of the city does make us lose touch with reality, even if only slightly. These concepts are incredibly interesting, and I am excited to pursue them further in this project.


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