Field: Collaboration with other Disciplines day 1

Interestingly, this field project has taken a turn, by placing a smaller project within the larger project. The purpose of this miniature project within-a-project? Collaboration.

As an emerging Fine Artist, I would very much like to gather and learn about as many different ways of working and disciplines possible, so that when I have gained my degree and hopefully reach a respectable profession as a practising artist (yeah right), then I will have garnered many tools within my ‘toolbox’ to practise and play around with, hopefully discovering a great deal more possibilities and outcomes, which would hopefully create far more intuitive, and successful works of art.

Interestingly, I was not placed in the group I originally intended to be placed in, as I did not see the email asking to reply with your choice on blackboard. Nevertheless, the idea of ‘Power & Technology’ relates back to my piece of artwork in many ways;

Power: The Cathedrals in the mist

2014-02-03 21.52.15

‘A sketch of a church I found on a nightly stroll in Berlin’

Interestingly, the aspect of Power relates back to this recurring imagery of the ‘Cathedrals’ that I experienced at the beginning of the project, and the aspect of Power, especially the raw, untapped reserves found in immense, monolithic structures (whether simple or ornate) is something that really resonated within me. Is there something to this ‘Cathedral‘ aspect that relates to the ‘isolation’ I am currently so interested in. Could it possibly be an example of the futility felt by a person when they understand their true place in the world, and how minute their effect on existence will be? How fascinating and depressing such a notion is.

Technology: The effect of the Social Media explosion on isolation

innovation of loneliness

‘Still taken from ‘The Innovation of Loneliness’’

An incredibly humbling video, it made me realise how lonely we as humans actually our in the modern world. Intimately, we can only know 150 other humans, and our ‘best friends‘ and significant others only make a VERY select few of this number. Now, say you know 100 friends ‘Virtually‘, that leaves you with around 50real‘ friends, which may only be people you acknowledge slightly. This makes us so lonely, that our friends are based on quantity and not quality far more these days.

Let that sink in.

And so, I did go into this collaboration project with a renewed vigor, after some self reflection on how my project can relate to this theme. I believe that this has been a very informative session today; mainly focused on the discussion and brainstorming of ideas, but allowing me to experience different views and perceptions on a theme ad piece of artwork. Within my group there is myself, a Fine Artist, another Fine Artist; Rhys Scorey, an Illustrator: Samuel Wall, An Artist/Designer/Maker; Laura Horne-Thomas and a Graphics Communications student; Ruby Haena. This allows us to have rather a broad thought process, and the rather comedic realisation that we all had a rather jaded outlook on life (except for Laura, who’s boundless energy seemed to raise our team’s entire happiness levels a rather large amount).


Then, through some discussions we also realised that we were all interested in an idea of ‘Intimacy’, in the sense that a human being can learn and react in consequence to an interaction with a certain object, or idea, that is placed in a space within a person’s life (more than likely in the city, as that is where we all currently reside). I believe this will be an incredibly interesting tangent to travel down, and develop this area of concepts.


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