‘Lonely Cities’ series, Zachary Johnson

3x5 Matte Master 1 3x5 Matte Master 3 3x5 Matte Master 4 3x5 Matte Master 7

After viewing a fellow artists Petcha Kutcha presentation, I was immediately entranced by the works of an artist they had researched themselves. Zachary Johnson is an artist that focuses on the cities he resides in; the complexities and beauty that is so rife within the structures and buildings within the city. The use of pen and ink creates a fascinating ‘vanishing effect’ when intended, and creates a sense of a city fading out of existence, as well as a single organism in a white void, crafting an encroaching sense of loneliness.

There is also a great stillness that is weaved into the very lines that are on the paper, causing the often frenetic and busy drawings to take on a rather paradoxical nature, much like the stillness experienced in the dead of night at a city (This seems quite interesting, maybe I will return to this idea of the stillness at night within a city or town). Β I love the use of ink to orchestrate a seemingly ‘cut out’ feature to the cityscape, creating a strange void in which the buildings SHOULD reside.


One thought on “‘Lonely Cities’ series, Zachary Johnson

  1. Reblogged this on GemmaSchiebeFineArt and commented:
    It is always satisfying to see that your own research has influenced another artist. It is interested to read the ideas that someone else draws out of images that you have been looking at and I am glad I could Inspire another with my presentation.

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