Manifesto 4-D project; One to One in One


Our manifesto project tasked us with crafting a one minute long video, in which one thing became another. With such an open-ended brief I became riddled with ideas and concepts, some poor, whilst others too extraordinary to accomplish unless I spent a vast sum of money or time and effort into crafting it; these three things being in increasingly short supply as my time has gone on. Then, as my partner in the group Eily and I discussed my want to do something humorous but with a deeper concept embedded within, she pulled a face of what I can only describe as ‘exasperated delight and excitement’, and declared; ‘You should dress up as a woman’.

This then turned into a social experiment in which I would go out dressed as a woman into town, and see how others perceived me, as well as how I perceived myself in relation to my usual nights out as a man. It was odd, and unnerving, as the end of the video shows, Emily asks me; ‘Do you feel graceful?’ and I reply with ‘No, I guess I just feel…pretty.’

The accompanying statement about the video was this;

‘What does it mean to be a woman? Something that captured the minds of half of the Human race since the dawn of Man, and I can rightfully say one thing; it’s vastly different to how we men are perceived. There is something very dangerous and exposing abut being a woman, from the clothes they wear, right down to how others look at them, everything leaves you feeling judged for less than you are. What staggered me the most however, was that I no longer felt at ease in my own skin.’


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