Documentation; 02/12/13

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I have begun to attempt crafting my Rubedo stone, to a mixture of a success and failure, and a varied result of said stones. The most interesting aspects of the stones is the fact that they have become almost spiritual in my methods of creating them; often through a ritual, and then through a meticulous crafting process which sometimes spans a couple of hours; as the Rubedo stones did with their constant setting and carving to achieve the perfected shape, or the Citrinitas stones which took up to half an hour each of lightly exfoliating and buffing the surface of the stones to give them their lustrous aspects.

I cannot decide between the four stones; I am drawn at first to the first two stones; which seem to radiate a red glow, but have a dark inner form; as if they are filled with a dark shadow, or even a soul. They also see to have a ‘weight’ to them, as if it could be made of a heavy metal, despite appearing much like a gemstone, crafting an odd juxtaposition in which the viewer cannot understand what the stone is crafted from. The second stone (bottom left), is much more translucent than the other stones, and lends itself well to the gemstone aspect of the stone; but it appears much too wax-like and plastic-like for my own tastes, despite my fondness for it. The third stone, within the bottom right, is far too messy and dirty appearing to the viewer, but this creates a sense of chaos within the stone, as if the very material it was made from was dragged from the deepest depths of the Abyss in which we float; something that was not meant to be touched by human hands. Despite this rather dark connotation, it once again does not suit my needs as well as the first two stones, and therefore it will have to take a sideline as I utilise the more relevant of my pieces.


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