An Exhibition with the Modern Alchemists


Recently I took place in a professional art exhibition with a group of Cardiff-Based Artists called the ‘Modern Alchemists’, I had heard of them before and even gone to see one of their shows, but when a chance to appear alongside them popped up, I would have been a bloody fool not to have leapt at the chance! 52 artists in total exhibited, and alongside some of my fellow students in Cardiff Metropolitan, I was one of the lucky few chosen to exhibit alongside practising artists. The space was amazing, it was situated underneath the Capitol shopping centre within the middle of Cardiff, in the large warehouse space below the streets of the city, giving the space a deep sense of seclusion and mysticism that lent well to the contemporary nature of the show. It was lit spectacularly, with art spanning a wide range of disciplines and movements, capturing a real essence of the chaos that is within the city; there was even a live audio noise band that exhibited sequences of their sound live.

Here are a couple of images from the space;

(all copyrights go to the Modern Alchemists, the images are taken off of their blog, which can be found here;



(You can just see my work peeking out behind the first pillar)

IMG_9472 IMG_9420 IMG_9426 IMG_9370

(Here’s my boy Sam Wall’s Astounding and haunting artwork, go check him out!


The plinth here was my work, you can see the cocoons I have mentioned previously on this blog situated upon it, in a different design to how they were previously displayed in my other exhibitions. They are placed alongside one another, seemingly marching forward to their own demise, or appearing up over the horizon. Fascinatingly, some people likened them to teeth, and this really intereste dme, as they also mentioned that people lose their teeth as they grow and age, and it seems like this was yet another aspect to the piece that i did not initially perceive, but is strangely relative. Art is all interpretation, a wise man once said.

They appear to me much like a museum collection; in which hundreds of objects are placed alongside one another, often all serving the same purpose of informing the viewer of something they did not know, but can connect to almost instinctively; that this has been touched by a pair of human hands, much like our own. the work is designed to be personal, but open up an area of myself that not many people can touch or see, it is hidden, hence the name.

clandestine [klænˈdɛstɪn]

secret and concealed
The piece, is in reference to my fears of growth and eventual death, and was originally designed within the concept of ‘spiritual spaces and recreations of the womb through someone’s life’. Of course, like almost all artworks it shifted and changed into a project that became less about the creation of a womb for a human to find solitude in, to facing one of my deepest rooted fears within myself; The Fear of Death. This overwhelming sensation of eventual nothingness caused me to reject any positives that came with my own growth and adulthood, in favour of an ongoing sense of denial, and various attempts to cling to my childhood. Then, I experienced an existential crisis, and my piece became about my acceptance of the ultimatum. I had also hidden this fear from everyone, including myself, and hoped that the creation and exhibition of this piece would allow me to reveal this great concern, not only to others, but to myself.
The use of empty cocoons, symbolises my ‘metamorphosis’ between my fear and acceptance, and the turbulent time in which the art was crafted, as I ascended into adulthood from being a child. They are beautiful pieces, the porcelain crafting something pure and delicate, yet distinctively human in nature.

I cannot wait to work with the artist again, and am intending to work with them with my own ‘Alchemy’ project, as they seem very supportive of it and will allow me to utilise their space as soon as possible to place my piece within.


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