The second stage of the ‘Magnum Opus’ is Albedo, which involves the purifying of the alchemist and his surrounding area of ritual before the ‘new dawn’ of Citrinitas. Following the chaos or ‘massa confusa’ of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ‘ablutio’ – the washing away of impurities.

It is seen in a way of understanding our own inherenet sins and coming to terms with this; often asking god for forgiveness and mercy, as well as for him to praise and bless our alchemical ritual. It is also seen to be a phase where insights into shadow projections are conceived and realised, which are then removed alongside un-needed concepts and thoughts.

Once again the symbolism is apparent;
+Bleached bone dust (Death and eventual fertilisation of new organisms),

+ Calcium and Magnesium (two important metals to the creation of a human body and it’s upkeep),

+ Salt (Base matter in all Alchemy),

+ drops of emulsion (oil & Water, two opposing forces, symbolising the forces of life and death and their ability to merge at some points.

+ Fire (the essence of life, and the use of cremation through death and rebirth ie a symbol for the Phoenix.)

The remains of the last ritual are also used and burnt away, alongside white paper with prayers written on; which burnt away into a beautiful white ash.

The hot white stones are then plunged into the whiteness of the emulsion, and emerge pure and un-phased by the forces of Life and Death acting upon it.


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