Artist Lecture 26/11/13 – Giorgio Mirandi


At first glance, Giorgio Mirandi’s work is simplistic and minimalistic, and seemed quite basic in it’s presentation and creation. However, within this is it’s magic; the works are intended to be simplistic, his work is solely based in the area of still life, yet he paints with such tenacity and meticulousness that they become extremely deep in their tonal quality, often exhibiting the object in a way that most cubists do, yet in a single image. Mirandi said; ‘There’s little or nothing new in the world, what matters is the new and different ways of seeing.’


‘Still Life’

The beauty in Mirandi’s paintings is the fact that you can sense the extremely long painting process within, there is a very subdued colour scheme that is always used, and this creates a very delicate and beautiful piece. The use of such little space between the objects seems to hint at a suppression within the painting, as if the objects themselves lend to the while ‘humble’ nature of the artwork. It seems like the painting style is a relative to the work of Lucian freud, yet is of a still life; crafting an odd sense of personality and humanity to the piece. It is a testament to the technical skill of Mirandi to craft such connotations surrounding these objects!

giorgio morandi fiori


The brushwork of this painting is fascinating; as with all works by Mirandi, the brushwork is slightly expressive, granting a painterly aspect to the piece, defining it within the realm of an art piece, yet elevating it to a seemingly multi-sensory experience, as if perceiving the flowers in reality. It’s as if he has stolen some form of tangible reality, and pushed it deep within the painting, it’s stupendous.


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