Documentation 18/11/13

2013-11-18 17.10.17


A different form of painting, blurring the connections between the abstract and the realistic; crafting an image that is at once primitive, as well as the actual surface of the painting being incredibly interesting to work on. The paint is thick, yet appears quite flat in different areas; the texture and weight of the actual surface is at once obvious, and draws connections with the instinctive cave art that I am so fascinated with. However, I am taking a break from the primitive art aspect, in order to pursue my fascinations with alchemy and it’s wider context in relation to how we understand and perceive both belief and science, often blurring the lines between the two.

2013-11-18 11.15.12

2013-11-18 11.12.21


An interesting workshop, I have experimented with wax casting in the past, but the vast majority of my creations and attempts either ended up being expressive creations sculpted with my own hands, or turning out terrible e.g. not what I wanted at all. I learnt a few interesting tips from the Technical demonstrator, mainly the act of soaking the plaster moulds before the casting process, in order to ensure that the cast comes off clean, which I never knew to do, and therefore the cast failed.

I also discovered how to create simple moulds from various materials, and their varying degrees of usefulness > price (Something that every art student should think of). I may utilise this technique in the future to craft artworks, but also it was interesting to learn as many techniques as possible during inductions.

2013-11-18 17.09.47 2013-11-18 17.09.36


I have also begun collecting minerals and materials for my ‘Alchemical station’. I want to craft an installation-based piece, in which I perform (or have left evidence of) the practice of Alchemy in a space. I have begun to think of what experiments I would like to craft, and it seems like the philosopher’s stone is the most fascinating of all the alchemical experiments; not only is it the way to transmute base metals into far more precious ones, such as Gold and Silver, but is also apparently the secret to Rejuvenation and eventual Immortality. My fascination with this comes from my own fears over death, and the eventual forgetting of myself as time goes along; and the fat that to the earth, I am nothing more than a wink.


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