Manifesto project – 4D: Transformation from gender to gender

Manifesto project - 4D: Transformation from gender to gender

I dressed up as a woman last night, and it was incredibly odd.

Unfortunately, as of now I do not have any better pictures, but I will upload them as soon as I receive them from my group partner. It was odd, I felt out of my element, and cold. Women wear far more revealing clothes than us men, and I felt the cold far more than if I had been dressed in my usual gender’s attire. Interestingly, I fooled quite a few people; mainly on the account of it being dark and some were intoxicated, but I even managed to fool some people in a subway later on in the night, as well as people in the halls of residence.

I wanted to do something funny, but with a deeper meaning in my project, and through the combined brainstorming of my partner and myself, we thought this would be a funny example of such a thing. Crossdressing is so rampant in our society these days, that no-one seems to bat an eye about it, yet many people who do in fact practice transvestitism are actually too embarassed to tell anyone else, especially their other half. It’s a fascinating notion, and is often brought on through some form of trauma or development in the human mind; most often because of fascination for the female form, jealousy of the other gender, or simply curiosity.

It was also one hell of a laugh, and seems to have quite a comedic side to it, which was the original intention for the project.


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