Artist Review: Christine Wu




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An artist I discovered last night, her work is at once beautifully haunting, and subliminally sexual. Her work focuses on the flux of a person, attempting to capture the movement between form and space. The vast majority of her work focuses on the female form, and this lends itself well to the process of the work; it creates a sense of purity within the work that would not have been seen if it were a an within the imagery. An interesting notion on the differences between genders that is, but it is true. Maybe I could utilise more female forms within my work? It would make more sense to the idea of the innocence of my piece.




(Image taken from:

I cannot conceive the talent that this woman possesses, the sheer accuracy of her drawings is phenomenal. It almost seems to echo the drawings of the late masters; the hair and lack of detail reminds one of Da Vinci, but it also harkens to more contemporary practitioners, Chloe Piene seems to jump to the fore front of my mind. The way the bodies seem to merge and meld together is beautiful, it seems to harken forth feeling of time passing, as well as those days spent depressed in bed, when the day sees to merge into one long, sleepless existence. I especially love her use of purely black and white in this piece, seeming to reinforce the fact that this is just a representation of such an event, a memory, if you will, of time spent brooding.




(Image taken from:

The way she also paints is beautiful, it seems to reference the recurring themes of purity and delicacy. Here we see a young woman clutch at her legs; we see a slight peak of her bottom and thighs, often heavily sexualised objects, but are seen here to enforce a sense of vulnerability. This changes the painting from of a woman, into a girl, as she becomes fearful. I love this piece, it manages to capture both a realistic, heavily skilled technical ability in painting, yet also manages to have an expressive bite to it, with the paint running down the canvas.  It really is a fantastic way of painting, I will have to pursue it in my own work, as I want to get better at painting the figure.


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