Evolution of my Artwork; Cocoons to an Embrace


At the end of My foundation year, I focused on a project that was incredibly personal to me; ‘Recreations of the womb’, which ended up helping me overcome a lot of demons that I held within myself about Death, one of my great obsessions. It began with the ideas of a need for space within one’s life, a place in which one can find solitude and happiness, and developed these spaces into mental aspects of denial. The Cocoons became a physical manifestation of these fears and rejections of the positivity of growth and eventual death, in which we should find comfort in following the cycle. I did not, and still feel unease when thinking about it, but I have grown more accustomed to it nevertheless.


The cocoons became a sort of charicature of my attempts to retain childhood, seeming like wombs in a way, and despite the fears and worries that the ideas were based on, they were a response to the feelings I held at the time of this project. Likewise, this project exudes a sense of personal longing, as I would love to embrace another person in the way that my memories state. Despite this, it is exorcising demons that I hold within once again, which is one of the main reasons I actually create art.


There is an aspect of containment within the two different forms of sculpture. One is far more literal representation of a Cocoon, whereas the other leans more towards abstraction of a human form; However, they both deal with my own inner thoughts and feelings, manifested corporeally into sculptured forms. It is interesting to see both the similarities and differences throughout my evolution as an artist, and how one project was focused on Death, whereas the other focuses on Love and Life.


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