Documentation; 28/10/2013


Today began with an interesting workshop, which consisted of an induction into basic body-casting processes and techniques. Some of the things the T.D. showed us were already known to me; Mod-roc, Clay, Plaster…However, Alginate, and sellotape processes were both copletely unrealised by myself, and I enjoyed discovering them immensely. Although Alginate, hss to be my favourite;



The level of detail that the alginate captures is astounding, it captures every vein, every crease and fold within my skin, and it’s really beautiful. It spurred a thought in my head, to spread a thin layer of plaster over it, to see if it preserved these details, and the result was even better than I expected;


Astounding, it still blows me away now.

I also began to experiment with a process I had tried a long time ago, felting, in order to craft some little ’embrace sculptures’ that embodied comfort and a sense of warmth. They came out expressive, as I didn’t have any soap on me in order to felt it into a more interesting shape. I did my best though, and the result was actually better than I expected it to be. purring a thought in my head about the use of wool and softer materials to craft my sculptures, as the clay is quite hard and expressive, rather than being delicate.


Unfortunately I had to visit a Painting health and safety talk, and so my workload was cut back unfortunately.

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