‘Untitled’ (2008), Roger Hiorns

'Untitled' (2008), Roger Hiorns

What is this? A pile of dust? Salt? Crystals? is it a recreation of the surface of the moon, or of one of the many deserts dotted around the globe?

It is, in fact, a Jet engine. That has been atomised into a pile of glittering dust on the floor. This is the work of Roger Hiorns, and a piece that forced e to sit down next to it in the Venice Bienalle, and attempt to comprehend the piece, and it’s implications; in the process of it’s destruction, the jet engine seamlessly transcended the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds.

It brings to mind thoughts about Death, and the comprehension of a life after death (dust to dust), As well as ideas about Space; the process of breaking something down to a bare minimalism, in order to create a vastly different object and environment. But, more importantly, it shows exactly what it is; A jet engine, reduced to dust. It in itself is an incredibly powerful action, how could we reduce such a heavy, hard and resistant object, something that can withstand things our frail bodies cannot, into such a fine, beautiful powder? It sends a shiver up my spine to think about this process being conducted on myself, Despite the comfort I find in how beautiful the dust crafted from myself could look,


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