Photograph taken from ‘Beauty in Hell’, a project by Tony Corocher for the Bangladesh pavillion


This series of photographs was taken from the largest slums of Nairobi; Mathare and Kibera. It intended to showcase a beauty in this hellish environment, a diamond in the rough to show humanity’s astounding ability to find hope in the most desolate of places.

This image was my favourite of the lot; It is stark, and incredibly dark in it’s ambience. But, there is a sense of hope within it too. The connection between the aged man, sat staring at the ‘revelation’ on the wall, is at once deep, much like a religious fog, it escapes the painting to draw us in.

I have a great interest in religion, and it’s effects on humanity: The existence of hope is a wonderful thing, and seems as necessary as water or oxygen in sustaining ourselves.

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