Update on the ‘Thick Clay Painting’

Update on the 'Thick Clay Painting'

(See earlier post here: https://ethangrantdodd.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/experimentation-with-clay-as-a-painting-medium/)

Fascinatingly, Time has had an effect on my piece here. The Clay has dried, and it has cracked and fallen off the painting on the wall, creating an effect not dissimilar to the crude, and often times expressive cave paintings of old.

Of course, this is far more contemporary in perspective and style, but this is an obvious addition considering the circumstances. At first, I did not like it that much, but now, I have new-found love for the piece.

It has started a whirring in my head; much like the ageing of a face, and the aspect of ‘fading into history’, this piece has become far more expressive and unknown in nature to it’s original form, simply through the process of the clay drying.

How fascinating. Could I create a series of portraits of my associates, that would then decay in an unconventional sense, leaving behind an imprint, or ghost, of them?


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