Experimentation with a lighter form of ‘Clay painting’

Experimentation with a lighter form of 'Clay painting'

I actually really like this piece, it combines my expressive styles with a far more gentler air. I’ve missed painting like this, and am glad I have been able to get back into it. It’s an interesting piece, as you have the delicacy and abstraction of the form, but are still able to sense that it is human in nature.

The type of empty space has been seen before in my paintings, and I like that it ‘fades’ into the void, as if it’s being lost in a mist. (Possibly the mists of time? Who knows) The emphasis on the heart also gives a sense of emotion, and humanity. The heart beating is a universal symbol, and can be recognised in all forms of life on earth, but more specifically, within humans. No matter how you perceive them, they still share this basic, and yet so terribly important, function with us.

Maybe the beating, is what I’m looking for? That imprint, that sound? If you can hear someone’s heart beating, it often means that you are close to another, sharing an embrace. It’s very possible that i’ve stumbled across something here.


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