‘Noroi: The Curse’, 2005, and the effect the mask has on me.

'Noroi: The Curse', 2005, and the effect the mask has on me.

One of my favourite movies of all time. A Documentary-style movie that managed to leave me feeling empty and depressed, more so than any other film has.

I believe this is because of the ‘face’ of the demon, Kagutaba, which is often depicted with this sort of vacant and empty stare, which reminds me an awful lot of the ‘Haniwa’ of old. The masks seem to haunt me, as I understand them completely; they reference the features of a Human, but there is something off about them.

The Eyes are hollow, dark pits, and the face appears to be deformed and tumored. It is so human, and yet, so not human. I struggle to understand it, there is some sort of primal fear within me that moves me not to look, but also, the innate morbid curiosity of me being a human, drives me to keep looking, much like a car crash.

There’s something awfully primitive about the mask, as if it would not look out of place in an african tribe’s rituals, or the rituals of a voodoo priest.


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