Komei Bekki, ‘Untitled’ 1980 – 84

Komei Bekki, 'Untitled' 1980 - 84

The other day, James Green introduced me to a piece by an japanese outsider artist, in relation to my project. The ‘Untitled’ series by Komei Bekki stuck out to me like a sore thumb, there’s a sort of whimsicality to them, but a very primal aspect to them as well. Outsider art is fascinating, as it’s ruled by instinct far more than ‘normal’ art, and this puts it more in tune with my fascinations with Primitive art.

I actually tried to create a quick, expressive face, much like a mask (see here;). but could not achieve the raw energy and expression that Bekki achieved in his.

What’s so fascinating about these pieces is the fact that they they appear to have come into being as an image out of the clay it was crafted from. This brings into play more connections to the way that primitive sculptures were often carved directly out of stone, seemingly crafted by nature and the very earth itself.


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