‘The Inheritors’, William Golding

'The Inheritors', William Golding

A fascinating read, and one I discovered completely by accident. Whilst on a visit to Tenby to see my family, I stumbled across a small bookshop in the town of Tenby itself. It was a wonderful little shop, books were piled upon one another, stacked to the ceiling in certain areas, and with only one way to walk around it. I could have spent weeks sitting in there and reading, and still wouldn’t have finished half the books packed into the small shop and back rooms of it. It was astounding, but this is not the point.

The point is the book, the story, and more importantly the relation to my current project;

The book follows the story of a group of neandarthals as they each die off. Halfway through, they begin to discover homosapiens, and their great fear and curiosity of the other people cases the to get closer and closer to them, and are put at risk. It is a brilliant story, and beautifully written. the metaphors and imagery is astounding, as well as the conceptual side of the writing, in which the neanderthals speak in phrases such as ‘I have a picture’, and the others ‘see the picture’ if they understand or believe in the concept.

Upon reading it, I was immediately hooked, and it has pushed me towards this fascination with primitive art. There is a great sadness and longing in this book, and there is also such an emotion within all of us, as we all want to be free. Free as these neanderthals were, without knowing the great risks that were abound in such a lifestyle.

It is a momentous story, I will have to re-read it again and provide a more in depth review.


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