Possible ideas for ‘Time’ Project

Possible ideas for 'Time' Project

I have been spending the past few days deep in thought over what I plan to do with my project. At first, I began to explore possible concepts for the piece; Decomposition, the use of audio recording equipment and paint to capture the ‘aura’ of another over an extended period of time, the use of imprints to transcend time, and the way that insects become extremely fragile once death has taken hold of them.

the ‘Aura’ concept was inspired by my reading of This book; https://ethangrantdodd.wordpress.com/2013/09/26/the-brutality-of-fact-interviews-with-francis-bacon/ but I will leave it for a later tie to pursue such an idea. I am much more interested in the later two concepts of the ‘Insects’ and the ‘Imprints’. For now, the imprints are just a mess of scattered imprints of my hands and body, and the insects a few sketches and thoughts, but hopefully, they will come together.


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