‘My Hands are My Heart’, Gabriel Orozco, 1991

'My Hands are My Heart', Gabriel Orozco, 1991

Quite possibly one of my favourite Ceramic pieces of all time, Orozco’s ‘My hands are my Heart’ is as powerful as it is wonderful. It’s such a simple concept, but works so well as anyone could understand the message behind it; whether you showed this to a primitive human, or to a child on the street, either of them would know the meaning behind, and appreciate, this artwork.

It has interested me since I first saw it, and continues to inspire my ceramic works. The very idea of an imprint in clay has been honed by this piece. It brings to mind ancient understandings of Life and passion, and Man’s inherent ability to recognise and communicate through created symbols.

It truly is a beautiful piece, and never ceases to amaze me with it’s simplistic, primitive beauty. It really does seem like it could be an artefact from the dawn of man.

Image Sourced from;Β http://www.thewhitereview.org/art/gabriel-orozco-cosmic-matter-and-other-leftovers/gabriel-orozco-my-hands-are-my-heart/


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