Drawing Workshop outcome; 27/09/2013

Drawing Workshop outcome; 27/09/2013

Utilising a Skull as our base subject, we were tasked with drawing it, but only by constructing the skull out of geometric shapes. I began with a few drawings, and then we were asked to take one of our drawings and create a form, or ‘Mask’ out of them.

Of course, with my current fascinations with tribal and primitive culture and art, I went straight for the ‘Mask’ concept. Taking inspiration from both the subject matter, and my recent reading of ‘The Inheritors’ by William Golding (see more here:), in which the Homosapien’s masks are described as extensions of their bone structure, I set to work.

The final piece actually came out looking far more simian-like, which was not my intention at all, but I believe worked well. I may make more of these ‘masks’, but I will have to pursue my ‘Haniwa’ for the time being.


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