‘He weeps for you’, Bill Viola 1976

'He weeps for you', Bill Viola 1976

As I am working through my current project of ‘Time’, I am aiming to work with a piece that transcends the 4-dimensional barriers. I have looked at a number of different pieces, but ‘He weeps for You’ has stood out to me.

The concept is simple, the viewer watches themselves in a drop of water that slowly grows, until it falls to the ground, extinguishing in a splash and a loud noise from the drum. The technical side is of course more complex, n which there is a camera linked up to the screen, that films the event taking place. It really is a phenomenal work, not only does it simply materialise the concept of life and death, but does so in an incredibly short time. The life being extinguished in a loud event, accentuating the destruction and aspect of the sudden ultimatum, it’s just wondrous.

image taken from, and all copyrights to; http://stephan.barron.free.fr/art_video/images/viola_he_weeps.jpg


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